Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunny Days

This week has been crazy!  Among the usual busyness, I had to go back to my plastic surgeon this week because the keloids I had removed in May have returned.  I really thought the radiation treatments were helping, but I ended up back in my doctor's office on Tuesday.  I got 10 steroid injections in one ear and 1 in the other.  The shots definitely made for a rough day and a difficult time sleeping Tuesday night.  I have to go back next week to get fitted for a pair of compression clips to inhibit keloid growth. 

I visited the library this week and checked out some new summer reading material and (don't make fun of me!) found "Gossip Girl:  Season 4" on DVD!  It's my favorite TV show and I haven't been able to find the fourth season for a decent price anywhere, so I checked it out and have been watching it every free moment I get. 

I found a short teen book called Would You and checked it out because I liked the description on the back.  The book turned out to be exactly what I needed at the moment.  The book chronicles the main character's (Natalie) feelings and struggles after her sister (Claire) is hit by a car and is in the hospital in a coma.  The way the author describes Natalie's journey in and out of the hospital and the way she tries to continue to live a normal life even though her world is falling apart is so real to me.  I honestly think it's helped me understand and process some of the things I went through with my own father six years ago and in 2011.  He was in a serious accident six years ago that resulted in a broken neck, a broken back, and traumatic head injury, and a coma.  Last year, he developed epilepsy as a result of his accident and re-broke his back.  He ended up back in the hospital and a rehabilitation center for almost a month.  Would You may be written for teens, but I couldn't have written a more realistic account of what it's like to go through illness/injury with a loved one.  I think I'll probably read it over again once I'm finished.

This week marks the second week of Recess and it has been a hot week.  Today, the temperature was in the 100s, so we kept the kids inside the church most of the day.  My heart is breaking for several of the kids in my group.  It's so clear that they come from broken homes where they are missing out on so much and I wish I could do more for them.  There is one boy in particular in my group that I'm struggling to reach.  He doesn't respond well to adults, yet so obviously needs the respect of an adult in his life.  My new goal for the summer is to somehow get through to him and let him know that he is special and loved by God. 

Today was a long day, but a good day.  After dismissing my Recess kids, the staff members ate ice cream together at the church and we talked about our day at camp.  Meredith and I took one of our volunteers home and then I helped her prep for Recess tomorrow and we enjoyed good conversation over dinner.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot day.  I hear there are going to be lots of water games!

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