Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Apartment Remodel - Before and After Pics

Justin and I have been at our new apartment for almost two months and I haven't posted any pictures to show how much work went into making our new place a home.  This was a huge undertaking for the both of us but we did it together.  We worked almost everyday for a month and half to transform this old apartment on top of working and going to school full-time and planning our wedding.  Here is the finished product!

This is our bedroom after we pulled the carpet up.  We sanded the floors down, stained them, and put a coat of polyurethane down.  The walls were primed and painted bright orange!

This is the spare bedroom.  The floor could not be fixed so we carpeted this room.  The area where the wallpaper is we painted yellow and we painted the wood paneling a khaki color.

The kitchen needed a lot of work.  This is after we pulled up the 70s green tile from the floor.  We replaced the counter top, sanded and stained the floor, got a new oven, and painted the wood paneling khaki.

This is one of my favorite rooms in the apartment - my art studio.  There was water damage to the ceiling and the previous tenant covered the damage with a plastic sheet and a board.  Most of the wall had to be taken down and replaced with new drywall.  A new coat of paint was added later and the floor was finished.  This room was the only one not finished when we moved in.

Another view of my art studio.

Our closet in our bedroom.

Another angle of the kitchen.  The oven was replaced and the area where the oven and refrigerator are was painted red.  It also took me at least three hours to clean all of the mold and food out of our refrigerator!

This is another view of the spare bedroom.  Justin and our friend Noah took those radiators out to road with a dolly and they were heavy!

This door in our bedroom is sealed.  The entrance to the apartment is in the kitchen.

This is the bathroom.  The lower part of the walls are covered with paneling.  The top part had to have the paint completely stripped and then repainted.  Several of the floor tiles were replaced and the cracks were filled with caulk.

We got a new medicine cabinet and scrubbed the bathroom like crazy before moving in.

The previous tenant never fixed the area where the shower curtain rod was pulled out of the wall.  We patched all the holes and installed a new shower curtain rod.

Some of the old fixtures were removed and/or removed, cleaned, and put back.

This room probably underwent the greatest transformation.  The wallpaper took days to remove and there were probably a hundred holes that needed to be patched and sanded before painting.  The floor was sanded and stained and then covered with polyurethane.

The wallpaper removal was the most time-consuming part of the whole project.

The area leading into the spare bedroom.

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