Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bouncing Back

Since I haven't been able to write or type, this is my first time back on the blog in awhile.  This summer has been an eventful one.  To start, I had surgery on July 9th to fuse a joint in my hand (the damaged joint was caused from an incident that happened when I was in high school).  I was having some issues so I went back to see my surgeon (I had already had three surgeries on it to begin with) and found out that the bone didn't heal correctly. 

So the next thing I know, I have a plate, three screws, and a pin in my thumb MCP joint.  It was a rough recovery.  I had a cast for a few weeks, was put in a splint for a month, and I just went back to see my surgeon last Friday to see how everything was healing up.  He took me out of the splint just in enough time for me to head back to work next week.  The incision is still healing up and my hand is very sore, but I'm working on getting it back to being functional again.

After I had my surgery, I spent two weeks with my parents.  My brother was home for the summer and could help me during the day since Justin had to work everyday until 5:30.  Being on so many pain meds drained my energy, but I was able to spend some quality time with my little brother and go to lots of baseball games.  Needless to say, I missed my husband and was happy to get home to him after I had my sutures and first cast removed.

My heart has been very heavy the past few weeks following the passing of my grandmother.  She passed away on July 31st, but I was able to be there with her when she went to meet Jesus.  She had been sick for a very long time and I know she is at peace, but I am missing her so much.  She was truly an amazing woman and I am better for having known her.

All of my writing and submitting paid off this summer as I had three of my poems accepted for publication at various magazines.  The first poem appeared in the July edition of Crack the Spine Magazine and two more will appear in the Eunoia Review around January!  I'm so excited about this opportunity!!!  Now that I have a little mobility back, I can get back to my writing.  (It will be a miracle if I have time to write this week because I have to finish prepping for going back to teaching - school starts Monday!)

So did I mention I graduated with my masters degree!?  That means I won't be going back to school this year as a student, but as a lecturer in the department of English, and that makes me happy. :)