Monday, June 18, 2012

Sun Tans & Hot Days

What a busy weekend/beginning to the week!  Last Friday, Justin and I spent the day in the hot sun training for Recess and then he had to go to work at his other job afterward.  When he got off at 11pm, he picked me up and we headed to Toledo, Ohio, to visit his family for his mom's birthday and Father's Day.  We didn't get to Toledo until 2am -- not a good start to a busy weekend!

Saturday was filled with baseball games, lounging in the pool, playing volleyball, eating awesome food, and enjoying good company.  Unfortunately, Justin had to be back to play worship at church early on Sunday morning, so we were on the road again Saturday night.  We kept each other awake the whole time with good conversation and some lovely caffeinated drinks.

Sunday was a day spent almost entirely at church.  Justin played drums during worship for all three services and we both went on stage at one point during each service so the church elders could pray for us since Recess started on Monday!  It felt great to have so many people praying for us and the kids and for an amazing summer!  In between services, I managed to handout programs and help my friend, Meredith (also the Recess director), print off coloring sheets, dot-to-dots, and word searches for camp.

We also inspected one of the tents we had set up for Recess the previous Friday -- it had blown over in a storm and all but one of the poles were bent.  Recess is always a challenge!  After helping with some last minute camp preparation, Justin and I enjoyed a nice lunch with our friends, Meredith and Jennae.

And today was the first day of Recess!  I must say, this year was much better than last.  Last year after the first day, I went home and cried to my roommate and told Justin I couldn't spend my whole summer like that.  Needless to say, I ended up going back to Recess and it got better everyday.  I started to get to know the kids and they stopped testing their boundaries (as much).

My group of kids were so awesome today.  I have mostly second graders and today we had seven girls and two boys!  They were all full of energy and enjoyed all of the activities.  One of the girls even asked if she could stay at camp all day.  While pick-up time was slightly chaotic, most of the kids told me they couldn't wait to come back tomorrow.  All in all, it was an amazing day and an awesome start to the summer.

Now if I can only get past the heat!  It was 91 degrees today and it's only supposed to be worse tomorrow!  Fortunately, I heard rumors that the sprinklers are coming out tomorrow.

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