Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chocolate and Flowers

February is coming up!  It might sound funny, but February is my favorite (and busiest) time of year.  My birthday is the 10th and Justin always has something fun and exciting planned to make my birthday special.  Right after my birthday is Valentine's Day!  I love Valentine's Day.  I actually have class until 8:00pm on Valentine's Day - to skip or not to skip?  Then after Valentine's Day is Justin's birthday.  He is turning 25 this year!  It's hard for me to believe we are that old already (although I will only be 24 on my birthday this year) since Justin was only 20 when I met him.  Can't believe how fast the time goes, but I'm glad I've been able to spend it with him.

School has already been in session for a month.  (That means I'm one month closer to graduation!)  My last two classes of my graduate career are going well and I ordered cap and gown packages for Justin and I for graduation!  Teaching has been going great, as well.  I feel so much more prepared this semester after teaching two classes last semester.  The first batch of papers will be coming in from my class next week so it's back to grading for me.

Things are getting busy this weekend.  Justin and I are leaving tomorrow to go with our bible study group to a winter retreat in southern Indiana.  He is singing and playing guitar in the worship band there so I am very excited to see him play.  I have a feeling it's going to be a great weekend - working on a service project, enjoying fellowship, and meeting new people. 

We will come back from the retreat on Sunday and then Justin and I are headed to Fort Wayne and back on Monday, probably stopping in Warsaw to have dinner with my parents on the way back.  (And then we'll be back in Warsaw the following weekend to celebrate our birthdays with my family.)  Like I said, I love this time of year.  Who doesn't love birthdays and holidays that involve chocolate and flowers?

Until next time, I'll be trying to fight my lack of motivation to do anything school related.  Graduation is almost here!

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