Monday, September 8, 2014

We are a miraculous age

I was published in FIVE2ONE Magazine earlier this summer and the print edition just became available.  Consider supporting a small press and ordering a copy of Issue 7!  My poem "Antique Skeleton" appears on page 29.

I just started re-reading Caitlin Horrocks' This is Not Your City, a collection of short stories.  I read it for a fiction writing class as a graduate student and Horrocks came to the university to give a reading and sign books.  Her short stories are wonderful and I'm loving this book just as much the second time through.  My favorite story from the book is the first in the collection, "Zolaria."  (When she signed my book at the reading, she even drew a picture of the monster that appears in her story "Zolaria."  Very cool.)  I even teach this story in one of my humanities classes.  If you are looking for a good read, check out this book.  It got me through an hour in a doctor's office waiting room this morning.

"It is July and we are a miraculous age."
-Caitlin Horrocks

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